1) Marine adaptation strategy under climate change: Research on climate change adaptation, constructing an end-to-end model for predicting future change of ocean, fisheries, and governance in collaboration with William Cheung (UBC), Jorge Sarmiento (Princeton), Jeff Polovina (NOAA);

2) Protection of human security of coastal and indigenous communities: Research on indigenous fisheries and human security in collaboration with Andres Cisneros (UBC); cultural heritage of indigenous fisheries and their adaptation to the climate change, coastal small-scale fisheries and trans-boundary ocean governance in collaboration with Marjo Vierros (United Nations University). Regarding issues with their public health, I have started working with Dr. Kota Takaoka (Chiba University) on the issues with child abuse and coastal environment and also with Dr. Laurie Chan (University of Ottawa) on the health effects of subsequent dietary change in different Arctic regions.

3) Support for the implementation of sustainable fisheries: Research on impacts/roles/potentials of rights-based resource management and benefit sharing in collaboration with Quentin Hanich (University of Wollongong); business model for sustainability including eco-label, supply chain management, and corporate social responsibility in collaboration with Wilf Swartz (UBC); civil society contribution to resource management and ocean governance including Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) in collaboration with Jack Kittinger (Conservation International).